Caledoniart Christmas 2009

25 of Scotland’s finest contemporary artists in one exhibition
Anthony Scullion; Catherine Rayner; Catriona Campbell; Donald MacLeod; Erni Upton; Eugenia Vronskaya; George Birrell; Georgina McMaster; Graeme Wilcox; Hazel Cashmore; Jack Frame; Jamie Hageman; John Bellany; John Lowrie Morrison (‘Jolomo’); Karim Fayed; Lesley Anne Derks; Mary Clare Cornwallis; Mhairi Corr; Peter Goodfellow; Peter Howson; Robert Kelsey; Rosanne Barr; Tim Cockburn; Vega; Walter Awlson

  • Location: Smithfield Gallery, London
  • Dates: 30 Nov -5 Dec, Daily 9am - 6pm



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Featured Artist

Peter Howson

Since the dramatic group show ‘The Vigorous Imagination’ in 1987, his heroic portrayals of the dossers and down-and-outs, misfits and hard men of his home town in Glasgow have polarised opinion. However, his work has caught the imagination of public and media alike, making him a celebrity in his own right. His paintings are bought by the world’s leading galleries and collected by a notable list of private clients, including Madonna and David Bowie.