Caledoniart Sponsors the Caledonian Carols

For Borderline, the charity for homeless Scots in London
Charity Number 1128648

9th December, 7pm, St Columba’s Pont St, Knightsbridge
Tickets £15 including reception, kids under 16, free

Speakers include actor Bill Paterson, Tv personality Aggie Mckenzie,
Michael Moore, MP and the Duke of Argyll
Buy tickets by contacting Gwen Hersh on 0845 456 2190



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Featured Artist

Laurence Broderick

Laurence Broderick is best known for ‘The Bull’ in Birmingham. Other sculptures in stone and bronze are inspired by wildlife and the female form.

In his figurative and abstract, bronze and stone sculpture, Laurence Broderick draws inspiration from the female figure and wildlife, in particular the otter and endangered species. When learning of the plight of turtles, polar bears, rhinos and elephants due to man’s abuse, it had a profound and emotive effect on expressing his art.