Exhibition Info

Caledoniart Christmas 2007

  • Location: The Smithfield Gallery, London
  • Dates: 3rd - 8th December 2007

This exhibition features work by around 20 Scottish contemporary artists including:
Landscapes by JoLoMo, George Birrell, Diana Mackie, Deborah Phillips & Ian Macaulay; The spirit of the Scottish people captured in paint by Graham McKean, Mark I’Anson, Tony Scullion and Michael Ross; in sculpture by Mhairi Corr and Walter Awlson; and in ceramic by Helen Kemp.

ARTISTS : Alan Anderson, Anne Oram ,Catherine Rayner, Deborah Phillips, Diana Mackie, Gerard Burns, Graeme Wilcox, Graham Pook, Ian Macaulay, Jennifer Mole, John Belany, John Nelson, Jolomo, Mary-Clare Cornwallis, Mhairi Corr, Tim Cockburn, Peter Howson, Peter Mcdermott, Vega and Walter Awlson.