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Amanda Brock Interviews Jolomo for Whisky Magazine

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Interview with John Lowrie Morrison,Jolomo, by Caledoniart director, Amanda Brock

John Lowrie Morrison, Jolomo, for Crown Court, London, Chronicle


Caledoniart and John Lowrie Morrison, Jolomo, interviewed for Crown Court, London, Chronicle.

Amanda Brock Interviews Jolomo for Scotland Magazine

Scotland Mag Jolomo Interview April 2010

Interview with John Lowrie Morrison, by Caledoniart director, Amanda Brock.

Jolomo Video


View the Scottish Landscape artist John Lowrie Morrison “Jolomo” at work in Scotland accompanied by the music of Journey Box

BBC – A History of the World


BBC — A History of the World — ‘World Service’ by Anthony Scullion, sold by Caledoniart to Hardeep Singh Kholi featured on BBC Radio 4, see web page and watch Hardeep interview.

The Scotsman Article – Scaling the Heights


Jamie Hageman and Anna King sell out at the London Jolomo Landscape Painting Awards Finalists 2007 Exhibition in London, Susan Mansfield of The Scotsman reviews their work.

The Scotsman Christmas Roundup – Emerging Talent to Get Excited About


Jamie Hageman Jolomo Landscape Painting Awards Finalists 2007 “emerges from Glencoe” and is identified by The Scotsman Newspaper as an artist to watch.

The Sunday Post: Everyone wants more of Jolomo

Sunday Post - Jolomo

The Sunday Post article on Jolomo 2009 featuring the Jolomo Landscape Painting Awards and Caledoniart.

John Lowrie Morrison interview: Love, faith and clarity

Jolomo - Scotland on Sunday

Scotland on Sunday article about Jolomo



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