Catriona Campbell

Born and brought up in Dollar, Catriona studied at Glasgow School of Art (1957-61). She was taught to observe by her father who was also a painter, Catriona was “taught by a man who was taught by a man who was taught by a man who was taught by Manet.” She has been awarded the GSA Somerville Shanks Prize for Portraiture, the Society of Scottish Woman Artists Founder’s Prize, the Anne Redpath Award and Morton Fraser Award.

She was taught about paint from David Donaldson at Glasgow, Catriona learned the importance of space from the works of Degas, Uccello and Velasquez. Her love of colour and light is clear in her work which highlights Catriona’s fascination for the shapes figures make and he spaced formed between them. Catriona has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and her work is included in private collections in the UK, Spain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, America and Australia.

Examples of work by Catriona Campbell

Catriona-Campbell-Grey-Polo-Pony Catriona-Campbell-Trapeze-Artist Catriona-Campbell-​​Ceilidh-Band​ Catriona Campbell - Castles in the Sand Catriona Campbell - Race to the Sea Catriona Campbell - Out in the Mid-day Sun Catriona Campbell - Going Right Handed Catriona Campbell - In From the Cold Catriona Campbell - Racing on the Shore Catriona Campbell - Young Women on Beach
Grey Polo Pony Trapeze Artist Ceilidh Band Castles in the Sand Race to the Sea Out in the Mid-day Sun Going Right Handed In from the Cold Racing on the Shore Young Women on a Beach

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