Claudia Massie

Claudia MassieClaudia Massie was born in Perth in 1978 and grew up near Selkirk. She trained at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2000 with BA(Hons) Drawing and Painting. Her studies included a six month scholarship at the Facultad de Bellas Artes at the University of Salamanca, Spain.
Claudia’s work focuses on the Scottish landscape, particularly that of Perthshire and The Borders.
In 2009 Claudia was shortlisted for the Jolomo Landscape painting award.
Claudia is a full time painter and has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows around Scotland and England. She lives in Forgandenny, Perthshire.

Examples of work by Claudia Massie

41.Claudia Massie - Fife In Winter - oil on board - 36x48inch - £1850 40.Claudia Massie - The Tay (Evening) - oil on gesso on board - 5.5x7.5 - £290 39.Claudia Massie - The Tay (Afternoon) - oil on gesso on board - 5.5 x 7.5inch - £290 38.Claudia Massie - Cultivation Terraces (Kilbucho) - oil on gesso on board - 24x36inch - £1050 37.Claudia Massie - Last Light I - oil on gesso on board - 7x7inch - £325 36.Claudia Massie - After The Trees - oil on gesso on board - 8x11 - £425 35.Claudia Massie - Timber Fell - oil on gesso on board - 5 x 9inch - £325 34.Claudia Massie - Plantation II - oil on gesso on board - 11 x 7inch - £425 33.Claudia Massie - Moorland in May (Buchanty) - oil on gesso on board - 24x16 - £750 31.Claudia Massie - Summer Light (Buchanty) - oil on board - 24x48inch - £1600
Fife in Winter The Tay (Evening) The Tay (Afternoon) Cultivation Terraces (Kilbucho) Last Light I After The Trees Timber Fell Plantation II Moorland in May (Buchanty) Summer Light (Buchanty)

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