Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell was born in Prestwick , Ayrshire , in 1960 . This area of Scotland is abundant with golf courses and playing fields , so it’s not surprising that the majority of his inspiration has come from sport and its personalities. Craig studied at The Glasgow School of Art and then spent his early years working in London as a Graphic Illustrator for several of the leading agencies. His love for all sports, golf in particular, brought him back to his painting .

His close attention to detail soon earned him prestigious exhibitions including a tour of the USA and a show at the British Open . Accuracy and genuine enthusiasm for sport enables Craig to capture the fleeting instant on canvas with all the speed and energy of the game .

Recent years have seen him undertaking some of his most challenging work yet with large commissions for corporate clients such as ‘The Brig O’Doon Collection’ for Costley& Costley Hoteliers Ltd , which can be seen at The Brig O’Doon Hotel in Alloway , Ayrshire . This collection illustrates Craig’s vivid imagination , keen eye for detail and ability to bring life to the canvas .

Other corporate clients include Amazon , The Royal Bank of Scotland , Westcot Credit Services , Dawn Group Ltd , Monsanto (USA), The Yorkshire Bank and Ayr Racecourse , to name only a few .

Whilst enjoying the increasing popularity of his art , Craig keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground . He is very proud of his charity work that has helped , amongst others , The Arthritis Research Campaign , The Ayrshire Hospice , Malcolm Sargeant , Hansel Villiage , The Sportsmans’ Charity (Scotland) and also The Teddy Bear Foundation . Having now raised over £ 650,000 through auctions of his paintings and prints . His last work was an original portrait of The Golden Bear himself . Mr Jack Nicklaus signed
and dated this portrait at Rufflets Country House Hotel during British Open week 2005 , to commemorate Jack’s final Open and to help raise money for charity . The portrait was sold privately to a collector for £20,000 .

The last few years Craig’s golf art has attracted numerous buyers and increased values through Bonhams Auction House with a portrait of Tiger Woods hotly contended for and hammered at £13,000 last year .

“ Craig certainly has an exceptional talent for bringing a portrait to life ! “ …
… Jack Nicklaus ( April 2004 )
“ Absolutely extraordinary talent ! “…
… ..Jeff Bezos , founder and chairman of Amazon (
September 2005 )
“ Best golf artist I’ve seen yet ! “ …
… Mark McCormack , founder and chairman of
IMG ( July 1995 )

Examples of work by Craig Campbell

Farewell The Judgment Craig-Campbell-Lightning Craig-Campbell-Tam-and-Meg-being-chased-over-brig Craig-Campbell-Tam-and-Worthies Craig Campbell - Storm clouds, Iona Craig Campbell - Harvest, South Ayrshire Craig Campbell - Heavy Horses, Kirkoswald
Farewell The Judgment Lightning Tam and Meg being chased over brig Tam and Worthies Storm clouds, Iona Harvest, South Ayrshire Heavy Horses, Kirkoswald

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