George Birrell

Born Glasgow 1949.
GSA 67 – 71, Hospitalfield School of Art 1970.
Taught Art & Design in schools 1972 – 1980, Art, Design and Photography in Further Education 1985 – 1998.

Full time painter living in East Lothian. Inspired by the hand of man on the landscape, strong compositions in bold colour evoke the special places on the East coast of Scotland, and France, from memory or by invention, never from photographs.

Examples of work by George Birrell

George-Birrell-SMUGGLERS-MOON George-Birrell-MOSSY-WALL-AND-POSTBOX George-Birrell-BRETON-HOUSES George-Birrell-BONFIRE-SMOKE George-Birrell-HAAR-EVENING George-Birrell-EAST-HAVEN George-Birrell-SHAFT-OF-SUNLIGHT,-CAITHNESS-oil-on-canvas-50x50-cms-£2,000-(2) George Birrell BACK WYND COBBLES oil on canvas 50x50cms £2,000 copy George Birrell - Yacht Haven George Birrell - The White Boat
Smuggler’s Moon Mossy Wall and Post Box Breton Houses Bonfire Smoke Haar, Evening East Haven Shaft of Sunlight, Caithness Back Wynd Cobbles Yacht Haven The White Boat

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