Georgina McMaster

Georgina McMasterGeorgina graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2002, gaining a BA Honours in Visual Communication and specializing in Drawing and Painting. She went on to study at Bath Spa University, graduating with a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education in 2004. Georgina exhibits her paintings in Scotland and London, while continuing to teach part time at Kilgraston School in Perthshire.

Her work is mainly based on animals, in particular highland cows and Scottish wildlife. Georgina paints with acrylic on canvas; leaving the canvas background blank which draws you in to focus only on the animal. She captures the soul of the animal in their eyes, the softness of the fur and the wetness of the Scottish weather on the beast.

Georgina was elected as an Artist Member of the Glasgow Art Club in 2008.  She was awarded the First Time Exhibitor prize in 2007 by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the David Cargill Award in 2008 by the prestigious Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, where she exhibits annually.

Georgina was featured in the Scottish Field’s June edition this year and Glasgow Magazine’s August/September edition.

Examples of work by Georgina McMaster

Georgina-McMaster-Kerr Georgina-McMaster-Florence Georgina-McMaster-Gregor Georgina-McMaster-Ross Georgina-McMaster-Holly Georgina-McMaster-Skye Georgina-McMaster-Close-Up Georgina-McMaster-Lepus Georgina-McMaster-Flora Georgina McMaster Nicholas acrylic on canvas 142 x 115.5 £4500
Kerr Florence Gregor Ross Holly Skye Close Up V Lepus Flora Nicholas

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