Graham McKean

Graham McKeanIn 1996, after 17 years as a graphic designer, Graham McKean decided to dedicate himself totally to his oil painting. Graham is currently registered as a self-employed artist painting from a studio in Ayrshire. Graham’s paintings have featured in numerous exhibitions and are appearing at the UK’s leading auction houses. His work has become highly collectable and is held in prestigious private and public collections worldwide. The late W. Gordon Smith, Art Critic for The Scotsman, described Graham’s work as a cross between John Byrne and Stanley Spencer but with an “interesting bite.”

“The more I observe and experience life in today’s world the stronger my desire becomes to produce painting’s that are emotive; containing humour, sentiment and love. As I see my children growing I am further convinced of the importance for me to create images of humanity and morality. These recent paintings represent themes in life such as work, play, romance and hope. If I can communicate these on an intimate level with the viewer and maybe leave a smile on their faces I will have achieved my ambition.”

Examples of work by Graham McKean

Graham McKean - Flower of Scotland Graham McKean - The Great Lover
Flower of Scotland The Great Lover

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