Graham Pook

Graham PookAtmosphere and radiance; these are the essential elements that Graham pursues in his painting, making his work instantly recognisable and much sought after. In more recent times he has slowly moved away from the representational and finds himself irresistibly drawn towards expressionism with imagery that owes more to the within than the without. For this process he relies upon intuition, instinct and serendipity.

Calm and reflective, his paintings tap into a deeper source of self-expression and emotions, abandoning the commonplace and everyday for the less tangible and arcane. Random marks carelessly made, either by design or accident, often lead the painting into a direction previously unknown. But underlying the indefinite is a sound technique in the use of oils and colour and a passion for paint. But it is to the mountains, and the Highlands in particular, that he constantly returns; images almost burned upon the retina, gathered whilst walking or ‘bagging’ the occasional Monro. His paintings are in many private collections in the UK and abroad including H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh.

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