Hazel Cashmore

Hazel Cashmore was born in Warwickshire and moved to Caithness in 1978. Hazels work originates from her experience of the Caithness and Sutherland landscape, which is both her home and inspiration. Hazel works  primarily in oil and acrylic paint. Towering seas, panoramic vistas, and brooding hills and moorland occupy her paintings, reflecting the qualities of Scotlands most northerly landscape. Hazel is compelled to capture the everchanging light which shifts across the natural environment revealing and changing the land. “In my work I try to convey a sense of place whilst at the same time using land, sea, and sky give access to the personal and universal. Hazel has exhibited widely throughout Britain and has work in private collections in UK, Canada, France, and USA. Hazel was tutor at North Highland College from 2004-2007. Since then she has devoted her time exclusively to her own work.

Studied Midwarwickshire college of Art ,and Coventry Art College.

Examples of work by Hazel Cashmore

Hazel-Cashmore-Highland-Autumn Hazel-Cashmore-Highland-Sea-Loch Hazel-Cashmore-Summer-Sea Hazel-Cashmore-Surfs-Up-Pentland-Firth Hazel-Cashmore-The-Scarabens-and-Strath Hazel-Cashmore-Sea-Sounds Hazel Cashmore Spring Ground  acrylic 32x 28 Hazel Cashmore Sundown acrylic 30x27 Hazel Cashmore - Back to the Land Hazel Cashmore - Margin
Highland Autumn Highland Sea Loch Summer Sea Surfs Up Pentland Firth The Scarabens and Strath Sea Sounds Spring Ground Sundown Back to The Land Margin

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