Helen Glassford

Helen GlassfordHelen Glassford gained a Masters of Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design having previously graduated BA (Hons) Fine Art, Drawing and Painting from DJCA. In 1998 Helen won the Sir Robin Phillipson Memorial Medal, RSA, the Highland Spring Purchase Prize and the Cuthbert New Young Artist Award, RGI. Then in 1999 Helen won the Armour Award, RGI. In 2007 she was selected runner up in the Jolomo landscape awards.

Helen exhibits her work throughout Great Britain.

‘ My paintings are in essence, abstractions of the Scottish landscape in which I find myself immersed. Nature is endlessly fascinating and surprising. Its cycles of growth and decay, its responses to wind, weather, light, and the passage of the seasons, its ceaseless renewal and its infinite complexity of form and behaviour inspire me to paint.

My methodology is in a constant state of flux; a condition perpetuated by the experience of the shifting weather systems that roll inexorably across the landscape, like a counterpoint to the slow creep of geological time. I react freely to the immensity of nature before me, attempting both to capture the spirit of place, and humanity’s transient experience of it.’

Examples of work by Helen Glassford

The-Rain-is-coming-but-I-rather-like-it-like-that The-Friendly-Foothills-reached-out-to-the-Mountains-beyond Helen Glassford A Rush of Cloud on a Sparkling Day oil on board 70x100cm £1,995 33 Green Hill of the Hollow oil on board 70x100cm £1,995 Helen Glassford - Rain Clouds and Peat Bogs Helen Glassford - The Way markers Helen Glassford - Mountain mist IV Helen Glassford - The Lunch Boulder Helen Glassford - Peat Bogs, Tussocks and Moorland Helen Glassford - Moorland Mist The Tipping Point
The Rain is coming but I rather like it like that The Friendly Foothills Reached Out to the Mountains Beyond A Rush of Cloud on a Sparkling Day Green Hill of the Hollow Rain Clouds and Peat Bogs The Way Markers Mountain Mist IV The Lunch Boulder Peat Bogs, Tussocks and Moorland Moorland Mist The Tipping Point

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