Ingrid Fraser

Ingrid was born in Lochgilphead in 1984, and grew up near Montrose. She graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2006; with a BA (hons) in fine art, specialising in painting. She has exhibited across the north east of Scotland, in Edinburgh and Argyll. Her painting ‘Sand 2’ was acquired for the public collection of Angus council in 2004 and ‘Inheritance’ was bought by Aberdeenshire Heritage for their collection in 2006. Ingrid was a prize winner in the inaugural Lloyds TSB Jolomo Awards, Scotland in 2007. She now creates her work in Moray having moved there in October 2006.

“ My work of slightly obscure landscapes represents the footprints of the people, both ancient and modern, who have lived in Scotland. I feel our struggles with identity and belonging are bound up in our relationship with the landscapes we inhabit.”

Examples of work by Ingrid Fraser

Ingrid-Fraser-Sand-Script Failure to Thrive Ingrid-Fraser-Last-Voyage Ingrid Fraser - Easterly Breaking Ingrid Fraser - Crab Claws Catterline Ingrid Fraser - Wreck Drawing 3 Ingrid Fraser - Wreck Drawing 2 Ingrid Fraser - Wreck Drawing Ingrid Fraser - Sailing the Dunes Ingrid Fraser - Ebb Bones
Sand Script Failure to Thrive Last Voyage Easterly Breaking Crab Claws Catterline Wreck Drawing 3 Wreck Drawing 2 Wreck Drawing Sailing the Dunes Ebb Bones

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