Jamie Hageman

Jamie Hageman lives and works on the West coast of Scotland. He has a BA Honours Degree in Vehicle Design from Coventry University. His painting and drawing is self-taught.

“ I am often awestruck in the mountains of Scotland, and would like the viewer to feel the same emotions when faced with my work”.

The landscapes of the Highlands are unique – each mountain has its very own character, its own features and charms. You have to wander them in depth to begin to understand them, so my paintings exude the joys of adventure and exploration, and the feelings of the sublime nature of mountaineering in Scotland are re-conjured.

These peaks and valleys belong to us all – they are there for us to explore for ourselves – I have got to know some of them very well indeed, and I believe that everyone should experience the landscapes that are actually so close to home. These ice-clad summits may seem a world away, but they are on the same piece of land that you are standing now.

Examples of work by Jamie Hageman

Jamie-Hageman-Ben-Nevis-Alpenglow Jamie Hageman Ben Nevis Plateau miniature Jamie-Hageman-Stob-Ban-miniature Jamie-Hageman-Glen-Coe Jamie-Hageman-Ben-Nevis-Sunrise Jamie-Hageman-Ben-Nevis-miniature 9 Loch Coruisk, Skye 3 The Old Man Of Storr 10 Clach Glas, Skye 11 The Basteir Tooth, Skye
Ben Nevis Alpenglow Ben Nevis Plateau miniature Stob Ban miniature Glen Coe Ben Nevis Sunrise Ben Nevis miniature Loch Coruisk, Skye miniature Old Man of Storr, Skye miniature Clach Glas, Skye, miniature The Basteir Tooth, Skye, miniature

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