Janet Melrose

I have always been interested in nature and the way our life is affected by it. I make drawings of plants, birds, animals and insects which live in the area which I also occupy. I am acutely aware of the fragile balance in which we all exist.

My paintings are my way of exploring my environment. At one level they record incidents which I have seen: roe-deer disappearing into the depths of the wood; our dogs standing still sniffing the air for clues.

At another level they make connections with memories and ideas I have from childhood songs and pieces of poetry. I created a series of paintings which began with remembering the words from a song sung to me as a child “ if you go down to the woods today”. This both enthralled and frightened me and it is with this feeling that I make these paintings.

I want my work to contain only that which is necessary. I want the colour and marks made to be carefully placed on the paper or canvas and to feel as if everything is hanging in the balance.

Examples of work by Janet Melrose

Janet-Melrose-Blackbirds Janet-Melrose-Fox Janet-Melrose-Assisi-Birds Janet Melrose Blossom for the first time
Blackbirds Fox Assisi Birds Blossom for the first time

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