Jennifer Mole

Jennifer MoleBorn in Wimbledon, London Jennifer grew up in Hertfordshire. She studied at Central St Martins school of Art, then after spending time pursuing her love of travel she moved to Leeds to study fine Art specialising in Painting. Jennifer lives and works in Aderdeenshire.

She has exhibited in Scotland and London and has many works in private collections nationally and internationally. Her work is both inspired and informed by the natural world and humanity’s place within it and by an intuitive response to and love of colour, form and quality of mark to express the true beauty and nature of life.

‘My work is an ever evolving process that represents the opportunity to always create new and greater expressions of life through Art’.

Examples of work by Jennifer Mole

Jennifer Mole - Spring Hope Jennifer Mole - Mountain Flow Jennifer Mole - Ruby Home Jennifer Mole - Emerald Home
Spring Hope Mountain Flow Ruby Home Emerald Home

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