Laurence Broderick

Laurence Broderick is best known for ‘The Bull’ in Birmingham. Other sculptures in stone and bronze are inspired by wildlife and the female form.

In his figurative and abstract, bronze and stone sculpture, Laurence Broderick draws inspiration from the female figure and wildlife, in particular the otter and endangered species. When learning of the plight of turtles, polar bears, rhinos and elephants due to man’s abuse, it had a profound and emotive effect on expressing his art.

Childhood influence from pebbles and bones with their subtle shapes and curves is at once apparent in the artist’s stone carving. He strives for vitality, tactility and movement, emphasized by simplified forms, subtle curves, flowing lines and smooth surfaces, often contrasted by small areas of rough texture.

Laurence Broderick is predominantly a stone carver, working with many types of stone including Ledmore, Portsoy and Purbeck Marbles, Alabaster, Polyphant Soapstone, Hopton Wood and Ancaster Limestone. He also models in clay, plasticine, plaster and wax for casting into bronze

Born in Bristol, 1935, Laurence Broderick became a full-time sculptor in 1981 after teaching art for twenty-two years.

As well as solo exhibitions in Scotland, England, Jersey, Monte Carlo, Germany and Canada, Broderick has exhibited his work in group shows with the Royal Academy, Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Society of British Artists, Contemporary Portrait Society, Society of Wildlife Artists and the Royal West of England Academy.

The scale of his work ranges from small bronze maquettes up to very large outdoor sculpture of monumental proportions.

Laurence Broderick is an Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. He is joint president of the International Otter Survival Fund, a global charity for the conservation of the otter, based on the Isle of Skye.

Examples of work by Laurence Broderick

Bronze Sculpture Teko The Swimming Otter Laurence Broderick Bronze Sculpture Sandaig Otter Maquette IV Laurence Broderick Bronze Sculpture Mijbil Laurence Broderick Bronze Sculpture Diving Otter VI Laurence Broderick Bronze Sculpture Diving Edal Laurence Broderick OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bronze Sculpture Teko Maquette V Laurence Broderick Bronze Sculpture Sandaig Otter Maquette III Laurence Broderick Bronze Sculpture Ornsay Otter Maquette Laurence Broderick Bronze Sculpture Playful Otter Maquette IX Laurence Broderick
Teko – the swimming otter Sandaig otter maquette IV Mijbil Diving otter VI Diving edal Camuscroise otter II Teko maquette V Sandaig otter maquette III Ornsay otter maquette Playful otter maquette IX

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