Peter Esslemont

Born in Aberdeen, Peter now lives and works in London.  He studied at Chelsea School of Art and Design and gained a BA Fine Art there in 2005.  His abstract paintings refer to the landscape and to the wider tradition of non-figurative painting.

Peter has exhibited in shows in London and the South East including The Discerning Eye and the Chichester Open.

Painting is an improvisatory process where an image emerges over time.  A visual prompt – a photograph or drawing – may provide a starting point to this process.  But the painting unfolds according to its own internal logic, which is never predictable at the start.

Examples of work by Peter Esslemont

Peter Esselmong Outlook acrylic on canvas 40x40cm £240 Peter Esselmont Approach II acrylic on canvas 40x40cm £240 Envision (2009) Paysage (2010) Reflect (2010) Climb (2010)
Outlook Approach II Envision Paysage Reflect Climb

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