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Scottish Islands Explorer, makes Kelsey the front page! And of course features the 10 artists taking part in the Caledoniart Scottish Islands Festival.

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Artists Exhibiting here:

John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo); Mike Healey; Robert Kelsey; Jamie Hageman; Vega; Alan Anderson; Erni Upton; Willie Fulton; Fiona Macrae; and Laurence Broderick.



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Featured Artist

Rebecca Firth

Having graduated with a BA(hons)in painting from Edinburgh College of Art in 2004 Rebecca went on to complete a Master of Fine Art also at ECA in 2006.
Her work concentrates on the internal experience of nature and wildness. She is inspired by the complex patterns found, in particular, in undergrowth and dense woodland. Her work has an intensity that creates a sense of being in the middle of a dark wood, or of looking into a tangle of branches or grasses.