Sian MacQueen

Sian MacQueenSian MacQueen Jolomo Awards Finalist

Born Glasgow 1973

Graduated Glasgow School of Art 1994

“ The West of Scotland’s varied coastlines and inlets continue to inspire me – my paintings often follow the seasons – I can’t help but respond to the changing light and weather patterns. I work in many layers painting, rubbing and scoring until I find myself in the right place.”

Sian most recently won the RGI Exhibition Award at the Royal Glasgow Institute Annual Open Exhibition 2007 – part of the prize is a solo show at the RGI Kelly Gallery in Glasgow City Centre during 2008.

Painting with acrylic on gesso Sian uses multiple layers to produce the colour and surfaces of her Landscapes. Living and working in rural Argyll she brings her contemporary training into her paintings through abstract compositions and contrasting textures.

Sian has exhibited in Scotland and London with many works in private collections.

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