VegaVega attended Leeds University graduating with an honours degree in Fine Art. She has spent much of her life travelling and painting at home and abroad before settling on Lewis.Her paintings are imbued with the essence of living on this Hebridean Isle. The weather, light, water, landscape and island life are the subjects of her work.She is adept at capturing the effects of movement, be it the wind, the water or from the deck of a boat, not as a fixed representation, rather as an evocation that allows the viewer’s imagination free play. Being a keen sailor her marine paintings are heartfelt, as she knows what it is like to claw to windward against a foul tide.

Her paintings are in collections world wide.

Examples of work by Vega

850811 40x40 Poised 730411 40x40 Saving Face 740411 40x40 Approaching Land 060111 30x30 Remote Warmth 840811 30x30 Harris Crofter 830811 30x30 Strandavat Crossing 820811 30x30 Roving Eye 810811 30x30 Eisgean Retreat 800811 30x30 Lochside Blue 780811 30x30 Co-ordination
Poised Saving Face Approaching Land Remote Warmth Harris Crofter Strandavat Crossing Roving Eye Eisgean Retreat Lochside Blue Co-ordination

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